Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Wake Up Call - Seeing Spots

So my husband is out if town for the night last night. The kids were so good, going to sleep on time, no fighting. But for some odd reason around 4 am my son gets up and is calling peanut. He is in her room saying "come play!". then my daughter gets up and decides she wants to play polly pocket, AT 4:30 AM!? ok, fine play in your room, by now peanut is wide awake and shows no signs of returning to a peaceful slumber. So I pop her in her crib, turn on the lights, lock the gate to the stairs, and go lay in my bed wishing I could be fast asleep. How come they don't do this when daddy is home? To allow him to share in my experiance, I politley email him to let him know the story (better then calling). My son comes in my room a short time later eating a cookie. Which baffles me beacuse the gate is closed, and I thought I had thoroughly cleaned the upstairs yesterday. Apparently I missed a spot. I wonder how old that cookie was? Ew! A short time later, my oldest daughter comes in and announces that peanut has more spots on her head and that she is scratching her hair. I get up to check and sure enough, she's got more spots. I just can't believe this is an allergic reaction, seeing as how we've not had any new foods since friday/saterday, and yet we are still breaking out in new spots, while the old ones are begining to fade. I'm at a loss for words. Perhaps the extreme lack of sleep is the culprit, if so I'm in trouble, 'cuz its only 8:16am. It's going to be a long day.

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Tara Marie said...

Spots,,,,,could it be Chicken Pox?

I hope that peanut only has spots and nothing more....and I hope you get to sleep past 4:30 am this morning.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm so glad to see your blogging!

Life is truly a blessing.