Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Building Blocks

Today, while working with the Developmentalist, Peanut did the most amazing thing. After verbal quing and demonstration, she placed a block on top of other blocks! She repeated this a couple of times before signing all done. The therapist and I were in shock that she had completed this rather complex task. Yaay for Peanut!

James, my son, had a great morning in speech, using his words to ask for "more paint please" clear as day. He just surprises us out of the blue with words. But then this afternoon he had a complete meltdown, because I had no idea what he wanted. I still don't know, but I gave him his drug of choice, juice, and he was suddenly contented enough to forget about it.
Miss Elle has been a great helper with the dishes, cleaning up and making her own bed all without being asked. That makes up for beating up her brother every now and again I suppose.

On the lens issue, I spoke with the md, who was none to pleased that I keep calling him to find out his opinion on the next stage of trying to get coverage. Today he yelled at me and said he would think about adding the diagnosis code that I need added in order to get coverage. What the Heck? It's two seconds of his life to add a four digit code onto her chart and fax it into the insurace company. That's all I need to get coverage. At least thats what the insurance company has told me. I'm a little steamed, but hey life goes on, it's not like I'm spending umpteenth dollars on lenses for my child (yes I'm being synical, sorry). Wouldn't you be steamed if you were paying out your hard earned money when your insurance would pay for it? Don't get me wrong I would pay whatever I needed to for Peanut, or any of my kids. I just prefer the insurance to pick it up, or else why am I spending the money on the insurance.

Anyway, I guess everything that has gone on today are all just building blocks of the future. Peanut putting on block on top of another, James using his words, Elle being such a big helper, and the md being tough, are all the start of the next great thing. Perhaps the next building block will be even better then these.


Naomi said...

You're right small steps is what counts. Yay for all your kids for the steps they've made

Julana said...

That building block skill is great. So many things can "build" on that.