Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Butts About It..The End of an Era

Peanut is butt scooting! She sits beautifully upright, leans forward and working her feet and hands, moves herself slightly forward and in a circle! We have been working so hard at cruising too. Right now she is cruising nicely to the left, same with the butt scooting. She over steps, in other words she has a exaggerated walk right now due to the depth perception issue, we think. But, there are no butts about it, my little girl is on the move, finally!
In an effort to get herself moving, and keep herself moving she is starting to wean. The last two days she turned down her morning nursy in order to play with her siblings and hang out. She also has been refusing to nurse her mid morning nursy...opting instead to nurse a second, pull away and check out the room, then nurse a second longer before pulling off, rolling to sit, and looking around. It is as if she is going to miss something should she dare take a five minute break. It is so cute, yet a little sad, as this is surly a sign that she is growing up....not my little baby anymore :( it is the begining of the end of an era, the nursing era.
But Yaaaaay on the butt scooting! We are so proud, I can't wait to permantly install my gates again.


Naomi said...

Yeah for Peanut! Isn't it funny how we look forward to things like putting up gates when others just think they're a pain in the bum ;-)

Julana said...

Good for her!