Monday, August 08, 2005

Manic Moday

Just like the song, today was just another manic monday.

I spent the early part of the morning in speech therapy with my son, at an outpatient clinic. He has a severe expressive language delay and a severe phonological disorder. In other words, he is a late talking kid, who sometimes has the words, but chooses not to use them. He did really well today. He was able to replicate all his words without max cuing! As a reward, we went for coffee (he gets chocolate milk, and i get the coffee).
We went from speech to a Md appointment for little peanut, to confirm her diagnosis. Ironically, the nurses all agreed she has measles from her vaccine. However, the md did not agree. So although we out numbered her, becauase she is the md, she won, saying it was some sort of allergic reaction. I completly disagree, but smiled, said thank you for your time and left. I am treating her as if she has the measles. As other physicians (3), have agreed with me.
Next stop, home for a quick bite to eat before heading out once more. After all, we have cancelled therapy today beacuse we were unsure of the diagnosis. Don't worry, Peanut spent her hour working on the floor, trying to crawl, but moving backwards instead. She is getting really good at transitioning from sitting to laying on her tummy (mostly by belly flop, but starting to show signs of purposeful movements).
While we were home, my son, having had the best morning ever in speech therapy, talking up a storm, decided to have a complete and total melt down. Well, not using his words, I have no idea what it is that he wants. So he cried for a half an hour (AARGH!). But then it was fine, 'cuz i gave him apple Juice, his drug of choice.
I must add that I have found such special individuals who are willing to spend time on the phone to help complete strangers. I am still trying to get Peanuts lenses covered by insurance, and a wonderful person, sent by heaven, has put the time into finding out how she had gotten her sons lenses covered, so as to help me out. She has taken the time out of her busy life to help out a complete stranger. The world is not such a bad place after all. To my new found friend, you know who you are, Thank you, and may you be rewarded many times over for oyur incredible kindness.
Daddy is out on the road once more, trying to keep things moving smoothly with the office far so good. Although it will be hard to sleep tonight, seeing as he usually gets up with the older two kids, and I for peanut. Not much shut eye happening tonight. Gotta go make dinner.....


Julana said...

After awhile, you decide doctors are right 80% of the time.

Belovedlife said...

Julana, True, but mommies are right 100% of the Time;)