Monday, August 15, 2005

Bubbles Galore!

Last night Peanut reached a new milestone. I was giving her a bath when suddenly she leans forward. I hear bubbles coming from the tub. Thinking she was in trouble, I quickly pull her upright, as she suddenly chokes on some water. The silly girl has the BIGGEST grin on her face. As soon as I let go of her, she doubles back in half, and blows bubbles into the bath water. She repeats this a couple more times, until mommy decides she can't take it any longer. Then, as I lift her from the tub she looks at me and says "mama". YUM! She is so cute. It is little moments like these, that many people take for granted. But not me. One day at a time, one incredible moment at a time. That is how life is to be lived. One Peanut lesson we learned early on is to never take anything for granted. She has taught me so many things in the year since she was born like - Never dwell on what's been done, said, or not said, just live for the moment and for those moments yet to come. Last night was one of those moments.


Naomi said...

yay on the bubble blowing, it's another milestone that most people don't even thing about. Callum loves to blow bubbles in the bath and will blow through a straw into his drink, but he's completley baffled when we ask him to blow into a whistle or blow bubbles.

Julana said...

Good pre-speech skill. Good for Peanut, saying "mama."