Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mom Knows Best.....

I am the best. Ok that, may be the over statement of the century or a very self rightous / boastful statement. At least I can say that Mom Knows Best (at least some of the time anyway). I took Little Peanut to the Md again today. This time they agreed that she had had a reaction to the MMR vaccine and had the measles (a relatively mild, non-contaigious form). But, they also agreed that she was simultaneously having some sort of allergic reaction to something or other. Go figure. I guess I should say the md's and I are at least even. The spots are finally starting to fade, and no new ones appeared today. Hopefully we can start getting back to normal now.

We had a great day today. Peanut started going backwards:) I put her on the floor so she could have some tummy time, and next thing you know she is clear across the room, actually in the other room. So I move her back into the livingroom and tell my older daughter to not move Peanut. I left the room again, only to find that she had gone back to her spot in the dinningroom. This time my eldest , E, says she didn't touch Peanut. So, third times the charm, right? I saw her push herself backwards, in attempting to go forwards. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! This is a big accomplishment, since she began pivoting on her tummy. Hooray for Peanut!

My son also had a great day. He is officially diagnosed with a severe expressive language delay and phonological disorder (officially they won't make the diagnosis until they turn 5, but they are treating him as if he has apraxia). He has started using three word sentences, unprompted. He does better, with max queing, but needless to say I am not complaining. He came out of his speech lesson and looks at me and says " Mommy, I fishing". Clear as day. Apparently he had pretended to go fishing, and "fell in " he was so excited about it!

The cutest moment of the day was when my two kids E, and J decided to wash my dishes. They also washed the counter and the floor and my little carpet in front of my sink (in other words, they overflowed the sink all over my kitchen). They did a great job washing my dishes! Although I think that next time they should be in their swimsuits :)

Maybe tomorrow my kids can do the laundry, or perhaps dust? Maybe not, too much clean up for mommy!


Naomi said...

yay for Peanut, kife is going to be so much fun now she's more mobile. We lost Kieran once under the coffee table ;-)

Julana said...

Good for Peanut!

Tara Marie said...

I can just envision E & J doing the laundry like Peter Brady [of the Brady Bunch....bubbles everywhere].

Way to go Peanut.

and reactions to the MMR are very common,,,I'm glad you mds acknowledged that.